About Sharon Roberts, Attorney and Pharmacist

Sharon Roberts is a native of South Florida. She received her doctorate degree, with honors, in Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) in 1992 from Southeastern University.  Upon passing her board exams, Dr. Roberts was licensed as a Registered Pharmacist.

Dr. Sharon Roberts continued to pursue her pharmacy education by way of a one year American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacy (ASHP) accredited residency program in Pharmacy Practice at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Miami (VAMC).  After a number of years of pharmacy practice, Dr. Roberts went on to attend Nova Southeastern University to obtain her Juris Doctorate, which she received in 1998. Sharon Roberts most recently earned a license as a Certified Designated Representative with the State of Florida.

Sharon Roberts began her pharmacy career as a resident at the V.A. Medical Center located in Miami, Florida and was subsequently hired as the Patient Care Coordinator for Trauma and Critical Care Services at the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital.  During her time practicing pharmacy, Sharon was a participant of the Administrative Affairs Counsel of the Florida Society of Health Systems Pharmacists and also served as the President of the South Florida Society of Hospital Pharmacists. In her role as a pharmacist Dr. Roberts worked to provide continuing education to her colleagues in regulatory affairs including Joint Commission (JCAHO), biohazardous waste/infection control, safety and staff development.  Dr. Roberts also worked in a retail pharmacy setting for many years adding to her experience with the rules and regulations that govern the retail pharmacy system.

While in law school, training to become an attorney, Sharon Roberts worked at a healthcare professional’s insurance company in the role of malpractice defense counsel intern. In this role, she assisted in the representation of physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare practitioners in South Florida.  Upon earning her JD, she was hired at this same firm as a Healthcare Defense Counsel.  Soon thereafter, Dr. Roberts was recruited to a civil litigation, medical malpractice and products liability law practice in Fort Lauderdale.  During her time with this Firm, Dr. Roberts participated in the successful settlement of numerous cases including the Phen-Fen diet drug mass tort litigation.  Sharon’s specialty in her practice was the analyzing of new medical and pharmaceuticals cases as well as the deposition of medical experts.  After several years with the Firm, Dr. Roberts was named as a partner.

Dr. Roberts left the full time practice of law to pursue the unique opportunity to join the State of Florida as a Drug Agent/Inspector with the State’s Department of Health, Drug, Device and Cosmetics Program (DDC).  This unique role combined the legal and pharmacy knowledge acquired by Dr. Roberts to investigate and inspect and all entities that manufacture and distribute drugs, cosmetics, or devices in State of Florida.  As an inspector/investigator, she was able to help the State collect some of the largest regulatory fines since the beginning of the program.

Sharon Roberts’ current practice as a Regulatory Healthcare Attorney again combines her experience as a pharmacist and lawyer in the representation of healthcare entities and professional health care licensees before their Professional Boards. Her focus is consulting on the rules and laws that affect pharmacies, drug wholesalers, drug re-packers, drug, device and cosmetic manufactures, health care clinic establishments, veterinarian manufacturers and wholesalers and over-the-counter drug manufacturers. Another component of her career is her diligent work with Certified Designated Representatives (CDR’s) providing training, education and representation.

Most recently Sharon Roberts has focused on the new Federal Drug Supply Chain Security Act and its influence on State Drug Laws.  Dr. Roberts has assisted several clients in securing formal State opinions regarding these new regulations as well as providing guidance to her clients on compliance.


Sharon Roberts is a Florida licensed Pharmacist and Attorney. This website is intended only to be an informational biography and not a solicitation for legal services. This web domain is not a law firm.